Nicole Miller Home Showroom: Design + Build

The Nicole Miller Home Showroom is interactive sales and display space designed for the launch of the retro-themed home collection of the eponymous clothing designer on behalf of licensee Revman Industries.  Planned as a portable space of six distinct rooms highlighting the interior mood of each pattern complete with period furniture and well-coordinated lighting effects and complimentary soundtrack to match each collection of goods.   The showroom was designed and built to be mobile in order to fit multiple sales locations in Manhattan.  The catwalk serves as the central viewing platform, and digitally printed portable lightweight "light walls" constructred to be quickly and easily transported and re-assmebled as needed.  And with each home fashion season, re-skinned to suit the needs of the any new concepts.

Lighting Design Consultant:  Paul Fine/Fine Design Lighting

Digital Modeling Consultant:  Blank-Mosseri

Photo & Modeling Credits: Paul Warchol Photography